Visitors with Alzheimer’s

Reflections: The Nasher Museum Alzheimer’s Program at Duke University began in 2014. As the museum states in its website, the program “provides engaging and interactive museum tours to visitors with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, their families, and their care partners. Reflections tours include guided discussions through the galleries, as well as live musical performances or hands-on art experiences. These special tours offer people who live with memory loss and their families the opportunity to enjoy art in the moment and to engage with the current exhibitions using multiple senses.”

What happened when the museum had to close because of the health crisis of COVID 19? Read about this in Colony Little’s June 1, 2020 article for Hyperallergic.

College art museums

This is from 2016…but it can start our discussion about the place of art museums on college campuses.

Jacoba Urist, “Why Do Colleges Have So Much Art?” The Atlantic, Nov. 1, 2016.